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How to Detox Your Body 16 Easy Ways

detox your body

Since we lead a sedentary lifestyle, our bodies get filled with toxins that are hard to get rid of using external cleansers. You don’t need to smoke to lead an unhealthy life, as merely sitting for a few hours a day will also cause health issues.

Removing these toxins and purifying our body should be a top priority for every self-conscious individual. Once you detox, you will feel invigorated and energized, allowing you to be more productive work and a better friend, colleague, spouse, and parent.

Mind you, detoxification is not an easy process but if you adhere to these 16 easy methods, you will start feeling the benefits right away. Perhaps you are already familiar with some methods, like visiting the sauna but others, like the detox power coffee has, will definitely come as a nice surprise.

Coffee vs. Diabetes type 2

Although direct health benefits of caffeine are disputed, it is safe to say that coffee grains have certain anti-cancer properties. Of course, coffee is a diuretic and a dehydrating substance but it is also an antioxidant.

This means that it can be used as prevention of diabetes type 2. The reason for this is a group of antioxidant compounds called quinines that improve sensitivity to insulin. As a result, the body reacts better to the production of insulin.

The power of antioxidants found in coffee

In terms of ingredients found in coffee that allow this drink to act as a detoxifier, none are more important than antioxidants. Their role is to oxidize free radicals in your body and turn them into substances that are benign to your organism.

Because of the antioxidant capacity of coffee, more and more firms are introducing coffee machines like the ones Lavazza Office Coffee make into office break rooms. The disease-fighting antioxidants found in coffee (the aforementioned quinines, hydrocinnamic acids, caffeine, cafestol, polyphenols, etc) are responsible for raising the alertness levels in employees, making them better workers. These machines usually contain roasted coffee because it retains more antioxidants than non-roasted blends.

Drinking coffee for better liver function

Finally, coffee has a beneficial effect on certain organs like the liver. This organ detoxifies metabolites, synthesizes proteins, and helps with digestion and body growth. Because the liver is a key organ for fighting off bacteria that cause indigestion problems, it is essential that you treat your liver well.

Apart from staying off strong alcoholic drinks, regular intake of coffee helps protect and preserve the wellbeing of your liver. It does this by reducing levels of enzymes that you intake through food and that can cause long-term liver damage.

Take a deep breath

You know how people advise you to take a deep breath when you are stressed and a timeout? Well, it turns out that this strategy is an integral part of the detoxification process. The oxygen in the air stimulates our brain and helps us think clearer and better. Breathing deep is just one of several ways to oxygenate our brain.

An additional benefit of breading deeply and allowing oxygen to circulate through our entire body is the inducement of the feeling of being relaxed. It is no wonder then that yoga and other Eastern practices use breathing techniques to achieve the effect of the equilibrium of the mind and the body.

All the benefits of hydrotherapy

You probably already know that water is good for you; whether you bathe in it or when you drink it (you are sticking to those mandatory 8 glasses of water a day, right?). Water is one of the best, if not the best detoxifier at our disposal.

Hydrotherapy is not something that wellness and spa centers practice but an active and personal measure to help detox your body. Showering with hot water for as little as 5 minutes does wonders for your blood circulation.

In this sense, showering doesn’t have to be associated with cleaning your body. You can simply stand in the shower, turn the tap on, and let water run down your back while you relax. Then, you should apply cold water for no more than 30 seconds to increase the wellness effect. The ideal time for this routine is in the evening just before you go to bed. Trust us, you will wake up energized and ready for dealing with stress a typical workday carries with it.

Focus on positive, rather than negative emotions

Just like you use the strength of the opponent against them in taekwondo, so can you use stress against stress itself. Yes, we are surrounded by stressful situations and people on a daily basis but this doesn’t mean that we should focus on them.

Detoxification of stress implies a shift of focus to more positive emotions. For instance, if you’ve had a particularly stressful day at work, then counter this negativity by playing with your pet longer or taking the family out for a surprise dinner in the town. Apart from focusing on the positive things in your life, try to actively generate more of them.

Hitting the sauna

The famous saying goes that talent is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration. You can take the latter clause quite literally, as perspiration cleanses your body of toxins quite efficiently. Staying for tens of minutes in a steam room helps you sweat out toxins from your body and especially the skin, which is the largest organ and therefore the dirtiest. Think of visiting the sauna as dumping waste from your body.

Take vitamin C regularly

Your parents probably taught you which fruit contains the biggest amounts of vitamin C. Apart from blackcurrant, kiwi, lemons, and bananas, you can also supplement your diet with tablets and pills loaded with vitamin C. This vitamin works by helping the body produce glutathione, a compound found in the liver that is responsible for eliminating toxins. You can further improve the health of your liver by consuming plants such as burdock, dandelion root, thistle, and by drinking green tea.

Get a gym membership

As you have seen from the paragraph on the benefits of using a sauna, sweating helps release a huge number of toxins from your body. However, there is more than one way you can perspire. You can jog in the park or take up a sport but the most useful activity is body exercise.

Renew your gym membership and start lifting weights, doing pushup and pullups to get the sweat going. The aforementioned martial arts are another useful physical activity that will help you detoxify. As we have said in the beginning, leading a healthy and active lifestyle is an excellent method of detoxification.

Fiber, fibers, and fibers

When it comes to your diet, make sure it is balanced and put special stress on the intake of fibers. Instead of gorging on white sugar, supplant it with brown sugar, its healthy substitute. Furthermore more, you should start shopping excusably for organic food, such as fruit and vegetables.

Cabbage, artichokes, spirulina, seaweed, beet, and radish are among some of the most detoxifying vegetables you can eat. As far as fruit is concerned, raspberries, apples, oranges, strawberries, pears, and bananas are among the top foods. It is no coincidence that most of these foods contain a high percentage of vitamin C.

A fruit juice a day keeps toxins away

Speaking of fruit, they are best consumed raw because that way, they preserve most of the beneficial compounds contained inside. An alternative to eating raw fruit is turning the, into a homemade juice. Not only will you save money on industrial fruit juices which mostly contain sugar and water but you’ll cleanse toxins from your body.

Just throe in beetroot, spinach, kale, lemon, ginger, apple, carrot, etc. in the blender, and with a press of a button, you’ll get your sugar-free daily dose of nutrients and vitamins that form the core of detox therapy.

A glass of spring water and lemon in the morning

Detox is all about the feeling of lightness so heavy meals don’t go well with this life philosophy. Overeating is a major obstacle to purifying your organism and the worst meals you can enjoy to the fullest is breakfast. A light breakfast is advisable, as well as another morning routine.

Since Antiquity, doctors have recommended a glass of fresh, spring water and a squeezed lemon to start the day. This drink helps flush out toxins from the body, alkalizing it in the process. This powerful cleanser can be “spiced up” with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

Lemon is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic that helps you stay strong and leave a healthier life. Water, on the other hand, helps flush out the toxins from the body in the most natural way possible. During summer, you could eat a slice of watermelon with the same effect if lemon juice doesn’t suit your palate.

Food supplements

Probiotic supplements have been around for over a century but only recently have they been identified as detoxifiers. The market is flooded with such products so you shouldn’t have a hard time selecting the one you will benefit the most from.

Foods with live cultures inside are great natural probiotics, such as Greek yogurt, cultured vegetables, and kefir. These cultures are full of good bacteria that kill off their harmful counterparts which ensures that the lining of the intestines stays healthy.

Bye, bye flour and white bread

Substituting white sugar with brown sugar is just one example of how you can improve your diet to be more detoxifying. Another example is removing white flour and white bread from your diet. Namely, when you consume bread or other pastry made using white flour, it literally acts like glue once it enters your digestive system.

Digestive disorders can soon follow because all that flour is disabling proper bowel movements. As a result, bacteria and toxins thrive because your body cannot process them well enough. Luckily, there are many healthy alternatives to white flour, such as spelt, quinoa flour, brown rice, and buckwheat which can all be turned into flour used to bake bread with. Try to introduce cornmeal in your breakfast menu and shop only wholegrain bread.

Drink more tea

Although green tea is most usually mention as the best detoxifier among hot beverages, it is not the only kind of tea that will help you get rid of toxins from your body. In general, every herbal tea can be used for detox purposes, whether you choose dandelion, nettles, mint, chamomile, liver’s wort, etc. is entirely up to your preferences. Needless to say, if you wish to sweeten your cup of tea, use brown sugar or honey instead of white sugar.

Apart from drinking herbal teas, you can use them in other forms. For instance, make a large and strong batch of chamomile or mint tea to use for inhalation. All you need is a large pan and a rag to put over your head so you would breathe in the herbal vapor. Finally, you can use chamomile or green tea for washing your face in the morning instead of water. These practices benefit the skin the most and as you know, this organ is the regulator of toxins.

Increase movement

Doing sports, jogging or exercising aren’t activities meant for everyone, although they are at the forefront of detoxification. However, even people who are not outdoor types can do something positive for their health.

Simply by switching from taking the elevator to using the stairs, you are a great benefit to your overall health. The more active you are, the more opportunity the body will have to detox properly. In might seem like a trivial thing to state but smiling, strolling, or laughing are all daily activates that help us detox our body and mind. Try to remove toxic people and events (they don’t share the same root word with toxins by chance) from your life and social media presence in order to achieve the equilibrium of the mind and soul.

As you have seen from our 16 methods, detoxing your body is not as demanding as you might have initially thought. These practices coincide with the advice a physical would tell on leading a healthy lifestyle.

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