13.8% of Aussies are daily smokers, each smoking half a pack of cigarettes every day, according to news sources. Although the number of smokers has dropped over the past 20 years, smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths and respiratory conditions like bronchitis, asthma, and lung cancer.

Cigarette smoking exposes you to toxic substances like tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine, and other harmful chemicals that affect various parts of the body. Fortunately, you can regain your health and increase your life expectancy by kicking the habit and embracing steps like lung detoxification so you can live a healthier life.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is a natural cleansing agent, but too often, people overlook the power of eliminating nicotine from the body by just drinking water. Drinking at least two liters keeps the body hydrated, improves respiration of the lungs, and boosts kidney activity.

Consider squeezing some lemon juice into a glass of water to speed up the elimination of toxins because bitter fruits trigger the production of bile, which helps remove unwanted substances in the body.

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These objectives are easy to achieve if you sip small amounts of water throughout the day, which in turn results in better health, increased life expectancy, and significant money savings as you monitor your smoking cessation progress.

Eat Foods Rich In Antioxidants

Smokers often suffer from inflammation of the airways, which leaves them with trouble breathing, and the chest can feel heavy and congested. Incorporating foods high in antioxidants into your diet is highly recommended to improve lung capacity and reduce inflammation.

Foods like spinach, green tea, fish, beans, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and blueberries are rich in antioxidants, and easily help detoxify your lungs, relieving you from pain and breathing complications.

Deep Breathing Exercises

Although working out boosts deep breathing, it is wise to also set aside at least 10 minutes for breathing practice. There is no better way to massage the respiratory system than breathing deeply through the nose. Practice deep rhythmic breathing and exhale through the mouth to eliminate carbon dioxide.

Additionally, deep breaths encourage oxygenation to various detoxification organs, allowing the removal of harmful chemicals from the body. Breathing well is beneficial, and enhances the strength of different respiratory muscles.

Smoking cessation is the only way to reduce the risk of respiratory conditions and improve overall health. However, toxins released when smoking cigarettes enter the lungs, and it may take years to get rid of toxins such as tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide and other substances.

Lifestyle changes like eating anti-inflammatory foods, drinking water, exercising, and deep breathing have proven effective when it comes to the removal of toxins in the lungs.

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